Professional Development

Professional development - for those with experience as well as the newly-qualified - is a key to competence and employability.  For further information, go to our Guidance on Professional Development.

mycareerpath - the Society's online Professional Development Tool

mycareerpath is an online logbook, free of charge which benefits

  • young members who have just started their career and wish to record their professional development against the competences in UK-SPEC 3rd edition for EngTech, IEng and CEng, and/or
  • more experienced members looking for an effective way to record their Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

To register on mycareerpath, click here. (Add your membership number and the name of your employer, or add 'studying at university' or 'not working', as appropriate.)

Click here for the mycareerpath User Guide.

Guidance for mycareerpath users

Data submitted or uploaded to mycareerpath by users is stored on a secure server in the UK which is managed by Engineering Council. Files of up to 16MB can be uploaded to mycareerpath.

The Society does not monitor the progress of mycareerpath users (unlike other online schemes). Users have sole responsibility for ensuring their records are regularly reviewed and updated.  mycareerpath users can allow mentors or managers to review records when they want.  Users email their mentor and this allows time limited access for comment on existing and new evidence. In addition, mycareerpath is a tool to support users.  Its use is not mandatory for membership or to gain registration via the Society.

Those seeking registration may use the evidence recorded when completing the Qualifying Report.

If you would like more information, send an email to (for staff in companies with accredited training schemes) or (for all other users).

Certificates of attendance

To assist you with recording CPD evidence of your attendance at RAeS branch events, you may wish to complete the necessary details on the certificate of attendance template and ensure it is signed by an appropriate RAeS branch representative. This document can then be uploaded into mycareerpath as evidence of your CPD.

Employers and Mentors

If you are member of staff with responsibility for the training of engineers and wish to discuss the role of mypath, contact   

Mentors supporting engineers should see the Guidance on Mentoring Registrants.