The 2015 annual fees for Society membership, registration with the Engineering Council and Society Publications are provided here.

Please note a non-refundable Administration Fee is charged for all new member applications and membership upgrade applications and collected on receipt of application.  This fee is waived if applicants are employed by a company participating in our Corporate Partner Scheme. 

Each year Council agrees the annual increase to Membership Subscriptions and Administration Fees, which for 2015 was the Consumer Price Index rate of 2%.

Please note that the membership subscriptions are rounded up or down to nearest £.

Concessionary Rates

Members who have or will be reaching the Normal Retirement Age (NRA) are entitled to pay subscriptions at the Baseline Rate from that year.

Alternatively, from 2012 all retired members can apply for a Retired Members Concession Rate of 20% which will be deducted annually from their full Headline Rate subscription (note — if the 20% discount takes the subscription below the Baseline Rate then the Baseline Rate will apply).

Regardless of which rate members apply for, they will still continue to receive full benefits of membership applicable to their grade.

Members who wish to make a change to their subscription rate will be able to do so on receipt of their membership subscription notice.

Paying by Direct Debit

From 2012 Members will be given the option to pay their subscriptions by Direct Debit either in one sum in January or in ten equal monthly instalments from January 2012. Members will be able to apply for this facility on receipt of their membership subscription notice or can download the form here.

Gift Aid

Members who are UK tax payers and who pay their own subscriptions are encouraged to complete and return the Gift Aid proforma that they will receive with their membership renewal notice each year.  More information, and a copy of the form, is available here.


Please contact subscriptions@aerosociety.com quoting your membership number if you are a member.