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Speaking at RAeS Events offers considerable recognition of your knowledge and expertise, enabling you to share with our Members and wider industry personnel, your research, company projects and views, to a relevant and targeted audience.

There are many opportunities for academics and aviation & aerospace professionals to present at the Royal Aeronautical Society. Call for Papers will be listed across a broad range of subjects, across the 26 specialist interest areas.  Accepted papers may also be considered for inclusion in the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Aeronautical Journal, subject to the refereeing process.

Aerospace Speakers Travel Grants

Any students and young people who are at the beginning of their careers that are invited to present at a conference can apply for one of the Aerospace Speakers Travel Grants which are allocated on a quarterly basis.

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Applied Aerodynamics Conference: Evolution & Innovation Continues - The Next 150 Years of Concepts, Design and Operations

19 - 21 July 2016 / Bristol, UK

This conference will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of aspects of the advancement of the aerodynamics disciplines and their application through current research, nearer term conception and longer term design and operations.

The call for papers for this conference is now open, so why not come along and present your work? Click here to view the full call for papers. The deadline for submitting abstracts is 26 February 2016 and speakers are entitled to register using a discounted rate. 

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5th Aircraft Structural Design Conference

4 - 6 October 2016 / Manchester, UK

This conference will address the challenges facing the designers of the next generation of aircraft. These arise because the new designs will need to meet strict environmental constraints and will be subject to ever increasing pressures for reductions in manufacturing and life-cycle costs and continual improvements in overall performance/efficiency factors. The resulting aircraft will be complex, requiring multi-disciplinary design approaches and solutions in a distributed design environment.

View the full call for papers here. The deadline for submitting abstracts is 11 March 2016 and speakers are entitled to register using a discounted rate. 

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Rotorcraft Virtual Engineering

8 - 10 November 2016 / Liverpool

Supporting Life-Cycle Engineering through Design and Development, Test and Certification and Operations. The use of virtual engineering (VE) in support of the engineering life cycle has been growing over time as computational power, and the skills to use this effectively, have increased. So much so that nowadays it is the virtual prototype (VP) that can be a powerful ‘centre of attention’ through design and development, manufacture and assembly, testing and certification, support to operations and upgrade developments.

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Simulation - Based Training - The Key to Operational Military Capability

22-23 November 2016 / London

Military planners and policy makers, face an increasingly unpredictable world which poses an unprecedented range of potential conflicts.  Threats come from state and non-state actors and emerge from breakdown and chaos in which there are no identifiable foes.

Countering such threats requires conceptual and operational agility that demands high levels of operational capability, flexibility and readiness, including acting in concert with ad-hoc alliance partners. However, as military spending comes under increasing pressure, live training, particularly large scale and collective training, becomes increasingly unachievable.  It is essential that training exploits the enormous capability of the latest generations of platforms, weapons, and systems, so that forces can rely on quality.

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