Named Lectures

  • 29 Apr
    Named Lecture

    Handley Page Lecture 2014

    Established in 1963, this Named Lecture is run alternately with Cranfield. It honours Sir Frederick Handley Page CBE, HonFRAeS, in recognition of his many contributions to aviation, and in particular to safety and reliability in air transportation. After WW2 he was instrumental in setting up the College of Aeronautics at Cranfield, where he was a Governor up to the time of his death.

  • 7 May
    Named Lecture

    Dr Thomas Enders will give the 50th Sir Henry Royce lecture. Refreshments will be available from 5pm with the lecture starting at 6pm. Please arrive early as capacity is limited.

  • 4 Jun
    Named Lecture

    Edwin A Link Lecture 2014

    The Edwin a Link Lecture was established in 2007 to honour Edwin a Link, the distinguished pioneer of synthetic training.

  • 1 Jul
    Named Lecture

    Gerhard Sedlmayr - Pioneer Aviator and His Commitment to Safety and Rescue

    Inaugural Gerhard Sedlmayr Lecture to honour the achievements of this German aviation pioneer (1891-1952). He dedicated his life to the design and manufacture of aircraft safety equipmant - Hamburg Branch

  • 7 Jul
    Named Lecture

    Sopwith Lecture 2014

    This RAeS Named Lecture was established in 1990 to honour Sir Thomas Sopwith CBE, Hon FRAeS. In the years prior to World War I, Sopwith became England’s premier aviator and established the first authoritative test pilot school in the world. He also founded England’s first major flight school. Between 1912 and 1920 Sopwith’s Company produced over 16,000 aircraft of 60 types.

  • 22 Jul
    Named Lecture

    Lanchester Lecture 2014

    The Lanchester Lecture was set up to honour Frederick William Lanchester, HonFRAeS, Britain’s first great aerodynamicist. He is best known for designing and building the first British petrol driven four wheeled motor car (in 1895) and for his work on the theory of fl ight and design of aircraft. Lanchester’s work on stability was fundamental to aviation and he formulated the first comprehensive theory of lift and drag.

  • 19 Nov
    Named Lecture

    Beaumont Named Lecture 2014

    This Named Lecture honours Major Kenneth Beaumont CBE, DSO, MA (Oxon), AFRAeS. Beaumont was the UK’s most prominent name in air law in his age, after starting as technical advisor to Imperial Airways in the mid-1920s. For many years his firm, Beaumont and Son, was one of the leading aviation practices in the world. He was also a founding editor of Shawcross and Beaumont on Air Law, which was first published in 1945 and remains the leading textbook to this day.


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