Named Lectures

  • 23 Apr
    Named Lecture

    Rosetta - How we landed on a comet

    Paris Branch 2015 Charles Lindbergh Memorial Lecture Rosetta - wow we landed on a comet by M. Paolo FERRI

  • 24 Apr
    Named Lecture

    Annual Sadler Lecture and Dinner: Ian Whittle speaking on The Genesis of the Jet

    Oxford Branch

  • 28 Apr
    Named Lecture

    Commercial Aviation Trends - Past, Present and Future

    Sir Roy McNulty, Chairman of Gatwick Airport Limited will discuss some of the principal trends which have affected the industry in the UK over the past 40 years – technological, commercial, operational, environmental, regulatory and political.

  • 7 May
    Named Lecture

    An Overview of the Aviation Industry - Near Term and Long Term

    Established in 1963, this Named Lecture is run alternately with Cranfield. It honours Sir Frederick Handley Page CBE, HonFRAeS, in recognition of his many contributions to aviation, and in particular to safety and reliability in air transportation.

  • 12 May
    Named Lecture

    Ann Welch Named Lecture 2015

    The Ann Welch Named Lecture will take place on Wednesday 6 May 2015. The Ann Welch Lecture was established in 2006 to honour the life and work of one of the most outstanding personalities in aviation. Her achievements in gliding, and in pioneering hang gliding and microlighting in the UK, together with writing about all aspects of aviation that affect general aviation pilots, and encouraging young people into flying, has been an inspiration to many.

  • 8 Jun
    Named Lecture

    Sir Sydney Camm Named Lecture 2015

    Air Power and the Defence Aerospace Industry in the Whole Force Era: A lecture by Air Marshal Sir Baz North, Deputy Commander Capability and Air Member for Personnel and Capability, Royal Air Force.

  • 9 Jun
    Named Lecture

    Edwin A Link Named Lecture 2015

    The Edwin A. Link Lecture was established in 2007 to honour Edwin A. Link, the distinguished pioneer of synthetic training.

  • 25 Jun
    Named Lecture

    Sopwith Named Lecture 2015

    This RAeS Named Lecture was established in 1990 to honour Sir Thomas Sopwith CBE, Hon FRAeS. The 2015 lecture will be delivered by James Arbuthnot MP.

  • 1 Jul
    Named Lecture

    Gerhard Sedlmayr Named Lecture: Facing the Unexpected in Flight - What must we do?

    Established to commemorate the memory of Gerhard Sedlmayr, a pioneering aviator who dedicated his life to improving safety equipment for aircraft. The company which he founded in Berlin in 1919 as "Autoflug - Spezialhaus für das Automobil- und Luftfahrtwesen, Gerhard Sedlmayr" is still today as Autoflug GmbH involved in the design and manufacture of safety equipment.

  • 9 Jul
    Named Lecture

    Amy Johnson Lecture 2015

    This lecture will be given by Carol Vorderman MBE and is being organised by the Women in Aviation and Aerospace Committee.

  • 20 Oct
    Named Lecture

    Cierva Named Lecture 2015

    The Cierva Lecture is named after Juan de la Cierva, FRAeS, an aeronautical engineer who pioneered rotary flight. In 1926 with the backing of the Weir brothers he formed the Cierva Autogiro Company and it was his development of rotor blade design and articulated rotor blades, which played a major role in the first successful helicopter in 1936.

  • 9 Dec
    Named Lecture

    2015 Wilbur and Orville Wright Named Lecture and Presentation of the RAeS Honours, Medals and Awards

    The Wilbur and Orville Wright Lecture was established to honour the successful and experienced mechanical engineers who completed the first successful controlled powered flight on 17 December 1903. The 2015 Lecture will be delivered by Nigel Whitehead FREng FRAeS CEng, Group Managing Director - Programmes and Support, BAE Systems plc.


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