• 7 May

    RPAS Airworthiness

    The basis of the airworthiness requirement for RPAS is a critical element in enabling safe growth of RPAS operations. However, RPAS airworthiness remains a major source of contention with a wide range of divergent views being promoted by different groups and differ rules applying in different states.

  • 12 May

    Human Factors in Engineering - the Next Generation

    The conference aims to bring together industry professionals and a new generation of engineers and maintainers to promote a common understanding of human factors and highlight successful interventions in managing human factors related risks in engineering and maintenance.

  • 2 Jun

    Delivering Weapon System Effects: The Contrast Between Piloted and Remotely-Piloted Platforms

    Does the emergence of more capable remotely-piloted platforms, with their increasing utility in the force mix, present an opportunity to the Weapons Systems and Technology community? This conference aims to provide an opportunity to discuss the context and rationale of using future platforms for which weapon systems could be developed.

  • 9 Jun

    Challenges in Flight Simulation

    The Conference aims to identify, discuss, and agree follow-up action on a number of selected challenges – those aspects of flight simulation which continue to be problematic or inadequate, and those which are emerging as a result of changes in the aviation sectors served by flight simulation.

  • 11 Jun

    Civil Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Societal Implications and Issues

    This UAS workshop aims to frame the debate on several key societal issues of UAS operations: privacy, overflight, nuisance and crime.

  • 16 Sep

    Future Trends in Certification of Advanced Technology Structures

    This event is being organised by the Structures and Materials Group.

  • 23 Sep

    Flight Crew Instruction - Selection, Skills and Supply

    The 2015 conference, will firstly consider the dynamic of the situation that we face as an industry and then evaluate how the role of ‘instructor’ can be encouraged proactively such that we have sufficient talent from which to select the best instructors with the right skills to enable the supply of new pilots to meet the anticipated demand.

  • 7 Oct

    President's Conference 2015

    The 2015 President's Conference will enable those involved in all aspects of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) to consider the latest applications, regulatory challenges and the technical challenges facing the entire RPAS field.

  • 14 Oct

    100 Years of Accident Investigation - What's Next?

    To celebrate the centenary of the appointment of the UK’s first professional air safety investigator, the AAIB is planning a one-day conference to consider 'what's next' for air accident investiagtion.

  • 23 Oct

    Greener by Design Conference

    Details of this conference will be available at a later date. Please re-visit the Events web page.

  • 11 Nov

    Simulation-Based Training For The Digital Generation

    The Flight Simulation Group will be holding their second 2 day conference of 2015 on 11-12 November. More details will be available in the new year.

  • 16 Nov

    Light Aircraft Design

    This year's General Aviation Conference will follow on from the successful theme of 2014. More details will follow later in the year.

  • 26 Nov

    Predicting the Fatal Flaw: Can We Do Things Differently in Aviation Safety?

    The Human Factors Group will be holding a 2 day conference entitled 'Predicting the Fatal Flaw: Can We Do Things Differently in Aviation Safety?' on 26-27 November at Virgin Atlantic Training Centre in Crawley. More details will be made available shortly.

  • 26 Apr

    Rotorcraft Conference 2016

    Save the Date: The Rotorcraft group will be holding this conference on 26-27 April 2016 and it will be the second in the series of 'Automation & Offshore Operations' conferences held by the group.

  • 19 Jul

    Applied Aerodynamics Conference 2016

    The Royal Aeronautical Society’s 2016 Applied Aerodynamics conference will be held the week after the Farnborough International Air Show and follows on from a number of successful events in this series which take place biennally.

  • 4 Oct

    5th Aircraft Structural Design Conference

    The Royal Aeronautical Society’s 5th Aircraft Structural Design Conference, undertaken with the support of the Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST), will address the challenges facing the designers of the next generation aircraft.


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