• 20 May

    The Future of Weapon Systems Trials - A Case for European Collaboration?

    This conference looks to address the concern that Europe has insufficient capability to prove future Weapon Systems.

  • 4 Jun

    Keeping Simulators Current and Capable

    The aim of this flight simulation conference is to discuss the challenges associated with keeping flight simulators current and capable from both a concurrency and technological aspect. This applies to military and civil flight simulators across the fixed wing and rotary wing communities and includes full flight simulators as well as lower level devices.

  • 10 Jun

    RPAS Today - Opportunities and Challenges

    Remotely pilot aircraft are still not yet a feature of everyday life however the numbers in use is growing rapidly and the range of operations that they support is increasing. This conference will provide an essential understanding of the factors which are supporting the proliferation of civil use as well as providing clear insights into the regulatory and other constraints in place to ensure public safety and privacy.

  • 3 Jul

    Technology: Friend or Foe? The Introduction of Automation to Offshore Operations

    This conference will focus on automation in modern complex helicopters engaged in offshore operations world-wide, and the underlying design, operational and training issues. The Royal Aeronautical Society, as an independent body with a wide spectrum of aeronautical disciplines is uniquely placed to bring interested parties together to discuss and influence ways in which helicopter design, operation and training can be further improved to increase operational effectiveness, while raising the bar

  • 22 Jul

    Advanced Aero Concepts, Design and Operations

    The 2014 Royal Aeronautical Society Biennial Applied Aerodynamics Research Conference will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of aspects of the advanced aero concepts, design and operations, covering both the research and the applications.

  • 2 Sep

    European Rotorcraft Forum 2014

    The European Rotorcraft Forum (ERF) is one of the premier events in the rotorcraft community’s calendar, bringing together manufacturers, research centres, academia, operators and regulatory agencies to discuss advances in research, development, design, manufacturing, testing and operation of rotorcraft.

  • 23 Sep

    The International Pilot Training Consortium: Next Steps?

    The 2014 Conference on Tuesday 23, Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 September at the Society’s Headquarters in London will examine the work undertaken by the International Pilot Training Consortium (IPTC) and seek to determine what further work is required and under what auspices it should be conducted

  • 7 Oct

    4th Aircraft Structural Design Conference

    The 4th Aircraft Structural Design Conference is hosted by Queen’s University Belfast which is internationally recognised as a leading university devoted to teaching and research in engineering with particular expertise in aeronautical engineering. Please visit for more information on the venue and host city.

  • 8 Oct

    President's Conference 2014: The Strategic Choices for Space

    Those in the space sector have seen significant change, and the pace of change will continue to require flexibility and breadth of vision. The Conference will examine future opportunities and challenges, novel and contentious solutions, and the potential benefits of pushing the boundaries further.

  • 21 Oct

    Greener by Design Conference 2014

    The Annual Greener by Design Conference will bring together the people that shape the aviation industry and the environmental agenda, both in the UK and abroad, to share their perspectives and visions, showcase technological developments and debate contentious issues and possible solutions.

  • 29 Oct

    Yesterday's Weapons for Tomorrow's Operations

    This conference aims to explore the current and future capabilities of platforms and weapon systems. This event is classified and open to UK nationals only.

  • 4 Nov

    Research Aircraft Operations

    This conference aims to bring together the global research aircraft operating community to share lessons and capabilities, as well as future plans for both campaigns and facility improvements. This conference is aimed at all participants in the planning, management and execution of airborne research programmes, both manned and unmanned, and both scientifically and aeronautically oriented.

  • 6 Nov

    Young Persons Annual Conference 2014

    The Young Persons' Annual Conference is a great opportunity to learn from, network and engage with your peers across the industry. More details will be available shortly.

  • 12 Nov

    The Evolution of Flight Simulation Part Task Trainers and Flight Training Devices

    The conference will address the recent significant advances in the capability and use of lower level (than Level D FFS) Flight Simulation Training Devices across the civil, military, fixed and rotary wing training communities.

  • 21 Nov

    Women in Aviation and Aerospace Annual Conference

    More information will be published for this conference shortly.

  • 24 Nov

    Air Transport Conference 2014

    Details of this year's Air Transport conference will be published nearer the time. Please check back for further information.


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