Welcome to the RAeS Structures & Materials Group

The aim of the Structures and Materials Group is to assist the Society and its members to understand the complex subjects of material use and structural design and analysis (including statics, dynamics and aeroelastics). It also covers the areas of manufacturing and testing in as much as this effects material and design requirements. The scope extends to cover advanced CAD, CAM and CAE tools and includes Multidisciplinary Design Optimisation methodology and application. New materials development is considered in relation to its influence on structural efficiency and integrity, aeroelastic performance and production processes.

The Group also supplies the UK representative on the CEAS Structures and Materials Technical Committee. The Group organises a number of national and international conferences which cover the various topics in its remit.

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November 2015


  • 26 Nov
    Branch Event

    The e-Go Story

    The development of a remarkably light single seat Wankel engined aircraft at the cutting edge of design and material innovation.The lecture covers the development of a remarkably light single seat wankel engined aircraft at the cutting edge of design and material innovation.

  • 30 Nov
    HQ Lecture

    Young Persons' Lecture & Awards Evening

    The 2015 Young Persons' Lecture will be delivered by Dr Gemma Attrill, Principal Scientist, Support to Operations and National Security Team, dstl. She will outline what space weather is and why we should care about it.

  • 1 Dec

    Human Spaceflight

    This conference will provide an opportunity to respond to the publication of a UK Government policy paper on human spaceflight ahead of Briton Tim Peake going into space in December.