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Aircraft drawings as Adobe PDF files

Bionic Bat plan 1 download

Bionic Bat plan 2 download

Velair 89 plan download

Musculair 1 plan download

MIT Monarch B plan download

Construction details download (173 kb ZIP file)

Magazine articles

Ron Moulton, a past Chairman of the group and editor of AeroModeller wrote some of the best articles published on human powered flight. A.A.P. 'Pat' Lloyd drew the plans and drawings for these articles and has donated his drawings and photographs to the groups archive.

Progress with Man Powered Flight, AeroModeller February 1977 download

Gossamer Condor, AeroModeller March 1978 download

Gossamer Albatross, AeroModeller September 1979 download

A. A. P. Lloyd's Gossamer Albatross drawings download

Daedalus, AeroModeller August 1988 download

A. A. P. Lloyd's Daedalus drawings download


B. Shenstone, Engineering Aspects of Man Powered Flight, Journal RAeS, August 1960 download

D. R. Wilkie, Man as an Aero Engine, Journal RAeS, August 1960 download

T. R. F. Nonweiler, The Man Powered Aircraft, Journal RAeS, October 1958 download

J. C. Wimpenny, Structural Design Considerations of Man-Powered Aircraft. - A paper about 'Puffin' download

M. S. Pressnell, The Structural Design and Construction of Man Powered Aircraft. - A paper about 'Toucan' download

F. E. To, Phoenix A Polyester-Film Inflatable Man-Powered Aircraft download

A. D. B. Evans, The Human Power Plant. from, "Human Powered Aircraft The Way Ahead." Proceedings of the Human-powered Aircraft Group Half Day Conference at the Royal Aeronautical Society, London, 24th January 1989 download

Wortman, F.X. Airfoil Design for Man-powered Aircraft. The Second Man Powered Group Symposium at the Royal Aeronautical Society London 1977. Aerofoils used on Musculair 1 and 2. download

Aerofoil data

Aerofoil coordinates and polars   See Index here

Propeller design

Minimum induced loss propeller design spreadsheet and theory