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The law touches many aspects of aviation, and the subjects addressed by the Air Law Group cover a wide range of activities in the aviation sector. The subjects raised include product liability, airline liability, insurance, airports, regulation of aviation, legal aspects of technical matters and European liberalisation.

The Group works often with other RAeS Groups. It organises, and contributes to, conferences, lectures and other functions related to its subject matter. It has recently established a mediation and arbitration scheme for use by the aviation community, the details of which can be found here.

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November 2015


  • 26 Nov
    Branch Event

    The e-Go Story

    The development of a remarkably light single seat Wankel engined aircraft at the cutting edge of design and material innovation.The lecture covers the development of a remarkably light single seat wankel engined aircraft at the cutting edge of design and material innovation.

  • 30 Nov
    HQ Lecture

    Young Persons' Lecture & Awards Evening

    The 2015 Young Persons' Lecture will be delivered by Dr Gemma Attrill, Principal Scientist, Support to Operations and National Security Team, dstl. She will outline what space weather is and why we should care about it.

  • 1 Dec

    Human Spaceflight

    This conference will provide an opportunity to respond to the publication of a UK Government policy paper on human spaceflight ahead of Briton Tim Peake going into space in December.